Best Graphic Designers from Europe

Here are some of the best graphic designers from Europe. Check out their history, style and past works and get inspired!

Peter Saville

Peter is famous for his record sleeve designs for factory record artists- New Order (Unknown Pleasures, Blue Monday, Transmission and many more) and the Think Joy Division. His works with the sleeves lased for five years. He is known to be one of the best designers of records  ever. Peter rose from being a record sleeve designer for factory Record artists to become the creative director of the city of Manchester. He has done work along side some of the top fashion designers, the likes of Jil Sander, Stella McCartney.

Peter is responsible for the design of the English football team home kit in 2010. He was also in collaboration with other top designers for the redesign of the logo for CK aka Calvin Klein.

Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut is a well respected graphic designer and educator who has being in partnership with Pentagram for over 27 years. Like we all know, there are not more than three design agencies in the whole world that is more respected than the Pentagram.

Michael has worked with the firm for years and he has accepted tons of design awards with the agency. He now permanently works in the MoMA. Michael used to work with Vignelli Associates before he signed up for Pentagram.

His famous projects at Pentagram includes branding and identity for the New York Jets, Benetton, Design work on the Billboard mag and Walt Disney. This is just a tip from his amazing portfolio. He also happens to be a critic at Yale in the graphic design area at the school pf art.

Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli is one of the great designers of the 20th century. Although he passed away in 2014, some of his most popular and loved work of the past 50 years is still respected and adored till today. From designing and branding for Ford, IBM, American Airlines, Saks, B Bloomingdale’s brown bags too so many protégés ( Michael Bierut amongst a host of others), Vignelli’s scintillating legacy lives on.

His works are everywhere, from his exclusive “Brown Bag” designs which are still in use until today to the subway map and signage he designed for New York City in 1972. Counting IBM, Ford, Bloomingdale’s (his ‘Brown Bag’ designs are still in use today), Saks, American Airlines and much more as clients, and counting Micheal Bierut among his protégés, Vignelli’s legacy still continues to thrive. It mainly continues in the subway map that he personally created for New York.

Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook is famous for his works on Typography. One of the most successful protégé of David Bowie, Jonathan rose to prominence after his successful typography projects. His actions rank even higher than that of the Next Day, Blackstar and Heathen. Barnbrook is renowned for his fantastic type designs. Exocet, one of his most successful project became the most pirated font on the web just after it came out in 1991. The font is used in the FPS video game Diablo.