Best Graphic Designers in the US

Who are the most celebrated American graphic designers? Unlike music and movie stars, graphic designers do not wield the amount of popularity that brings them into the glaring limelight. However, these professionals contribute significantly to most of the businesses going on in the world today. From unique prints to artworks, book covers, music branding and so many other arts, graphic designers cover lots of jobs for various industries. America has seen lots of great graphic designers; some of the most prominent visual designers the world has seen come from this region.

However, over the years, some other new and talented graphic designers have risen now and are currently making waves in the field. They are well respected and have made way for other upcoming graphic designers that have the passion for the career. Here is a list of the famous graphic designers in America currently.

Meg Lewis

Meg Lewis is a successful American graphic designer that is renowned for her intellectual creativity. She is the founder of Ghostly Ferns, a conglomerate of freelance artists and designers based in New York. Meg has her specialty in product branding and designers and has a way of creating emotional connections between the target audience and the intended sales product. She adds the personality of her clients to the products they plan to manage.

She has worked with a lot of multi-national companies and has helped them create their brands for the public. Her motto was making the world a happier, healthier place. Some of the companies she has worked with are Lovely & Co, Barkpost, Wellcoin and even NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio cities for Action campaign.

Meg makes use bright colors and playful icons to endear her audience. She knows how to bring out the energy in every design. Her works are warm and inviting. Apart from producing cutting-edge graphic designs, Meg is also grooming young and talented graphic designers.

Jon Contino

Jon is a famous graphic designer and artist born and raised in New York. He is the owner and creative director of Jon Contino Studio. This award-winning visual artist has so many awards to his name: The Cannes Lions Winner Award, The Comm Arts Award of Excellence ’15, The Seattle Addy Award,  and the Clio Key Art Award Winner.

Jon is famous for his works on international campaigns and advertising materials for album covers, films, and print publications. He is responsible for the designs for the Sports Illustrator’s 2015 Swimsuit issue, the Barnes & Noble Classic edition of Stephen King’s novels, and the 20th Century Fox’s The Book of Life. He has so many other jobs to his name.

Jon’s works are raw, bold and definitely will blow your mind away. He uses paper and pencil to define, shapes, shades, and textures in a way that will make difficult look easy. He has great talent and knows how to mix colors to pass the message to the audience. His works are greatly admired by all lovers of graphic art, and he is undoubtedly one of the greatest graphic designers in America.