Graphic Design As A Career

Graphic design is the combination of art and technology for the communication of ideas through images, printed pages and the layout of websites. It involves the use of one or more of illustration, typography, and photography as means of solving problems.  Also for visual communication, graphic design is applied to everything visual from road signs, interoffice memorandums, reference manuals, technical schematics, magazines, book covers, comic books, DVD covers, decoration.

Graphic Design is also used visual storytelling, corporate reports, brochures to elements of company identity such as logos, colors, packaging, and text (all part of advertising.). With a career in graphic design, you have a hand in virtually every place you look. You have the choice of working for others or working for yourself in advertising, publishing, public relations, industrial design, and a range of other industries. The most common jobs one can get with a degree in graphic design include Graphic designer, Web designer, Drafter (architecture and engineering), Creative Director, Art director, Illustrator.

You can also work as a Film and video editing/ production designer, Marketing Manager, Product/ industrial designer, Animator/multimedia artist, Technical writer, Brand identity designer, Logo designer, Photo editing/Photoshop artist, Layout artist, Interior designer, fashion designer amongst others. There is so much more to graphic design than just logos and layouts. There is certain specialist graphic design positions which can help one launch a fulfilling design career and pay the bills. They include:

Presentation specialists

They Are involved in the production and delivery of visual presentations for internal and external clients. Those involved in this facet must have design acumen and adequate knowledge of marketing strategy, multimedia skills and presentation programs like PowerPoint and keynote.

Mobile designers

Mobile designers create compelling, interactive experiences on mobile devices (android, blackberry, HTML5, and iOS). They are well versed in the aesthetic and functional aspects of web and mobile design.

User experience (UX) designers

These guys create captivating experiences for an audience based on user research and workflow analysis. They also conduct usability tests on prototypes to assess the quality of the user experience.

User interface (UI) designers

User interface designers build the application interfaces that enable users to quickly accomplish their goals by providing code that meets usability and accessibility standard.  They create and enhance interactive applications and web pages.

Email marketing designers

Email marketing designers create and execute engaging email communications and promotions for an organization and ensure that strategies fulfilled and brand standards upheld.

Flash designer/developers

These guys test, implement and maintain dynamic website elements using Action script and flash. They also create interactive online content, such as advertisements, games, and other rich media applications.

Information architects

Information architects specialize in analyzing the needs of a prospective audience. They help clients define content strategy and design features for websites.

Establishing successfully as a graphic designer requires creativity, being tech-savvy and having an artistic background as careers in this field allow one to exercise one’s imagination alongside technical skills on a daily basis. Graphic designing offers opportunities that give a better knowledge of how to leverage creativity for a career you can truly enjoy.