Graphic Design Trends of 2020

Like a lot of things in this world, graphic design is subject to the tides of fashion. Trends emerge, then disappear, then remerge decades or hundreds of years later in a new form and for a new purpose. We might not think of it in these terms, but graphic design was around for thousands of years, and there is little that hasn’t been done in one way or another. Take Egyptian hieroglyphs for example – what are they if not an ancient style of graphic design. It is not essential to look for a graphic designer who has their hand on the pulse of design trends. In fact, it is better to look for ones that have cultivated a unique personal style that they stick to if you’re in the niche that their design serves. But trends are important to consider when you are thinking in terms of design commercialisation. Whether you want your design to end up being unique, or to be in keeping with the trends to please the market, it’s good to know what is on top this year.

Graphic Design Trends of 2020
Graphic Design Trends of 2020

Late 19th Century Ornate

In a sea of seeming minimalism, this trend is coming back and gaining strength. It is a highly ornamented, deeply detailed shape, often expressed typographically. It isn’t necessarily color rich to maintain that vintage vibe about it, but it is very fluid and has incredible volume. It is coming to symbolise a sense of genuineness, conveying that the product or service goes back in time and has stood the test of time, proving its superior quality. It is a graphic design trend that is widely applied to areas where age is an advantage – pubs, barber shops, alcohol brands, tattoo parlors, and the like. Many look to this style of graphic design if they seek to create a sense of royalty for their brand.

Hyper Gradient

This graphic design trend is characterised by high-brightness, high-contrast color transitions that span across the entirety of the design area in question. This style is also a response to minimalism, especially in the space of material design. The reasons for its new found popularity are simple. On the one hand, contemporary technology allows for this play of bringt colors in ways that were impossible in previous decades, especially in print. Secondly, the recognisability of brands is becoming difficult where everyone is going minimalist, so simplicity no longer means saliency, especially in western markets. This means that attention is once again grabbed and retained by color and depth of detail, which is something you might want to use for your own purposes.

Paper Cut

This is a trend of graphic design where the viewer perceives the image as something made by hand out of physical paper. The play of depth, shadows and a seemingly real material, gives the design a sense or solidity and physical realness. By looking at the paper cut style, the viewer can almost sense the texture of the image as if they were to touch it. This style is excellent for book covers or physical product labels where a solid 3D effect is desired.