How to Find a Great Graphic Designer

Visual satisfaction is a very important part of content marketing strategy nowadays. According to a stat on Hubspot, visuals make up 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain, and they are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Designs are so significant that we want to eat a beautifully served food because we assume it will be tasty.

A great graphic designer plays a fundamental role in ensuring that your content marketing strategy turns out successful. You need to hire a great graphic designer that will provide proper representation for your brand through your website, business cards, letterheads, emails, and even social media pages. People will meet most likely meet your brand first through one of those before actually experiencing it. If you want to make your readers subscribe or click the “Buy” button on your website, you need a great graphic designer. A good visual will make your content more interesting to readers and add to the customer experience especially now the people prefer instant gratification. With so many graphic designers out there especially on the freelance market space, the task of hiring a capable graphic designer might be daunting. Here are some tips on how to find a great graphic designer.

Define your Design Style

Before you begin searching for a graphic designer ensure you have an idea of what you want. Most graphic artists have their style of creative designs. Some are specialised in branding, websites or online media ads. Others make creative designs that function better with print media. Yet others are Jacks of all. Once you have reached a decision you can begin your search.

Search for your Design Style

From websites and social media pages to creatives posted on websites that discuss or sell graphic arts, the Internet is replete with graphic design styles to help with your search. Some corporate websites also credit their designers. Search for designs that resonate with what you have in mind and note the artist behind them. You could also use referrals from trusted friends who share a similar design style.

Contact Companies and Freelance Sites

Some consulting companies specialize in hiring graphic designers. Others offer creative services themselves. You can contact them to help you find the best graphic designer for your job or provide the creatives for you. Freelance websites are also good.

Look Beyond the Certificates

This has been made easy with the growing support for collaborations and free designs. Some great graphic designers produce creatives and post them online for free. And the idea is that what they will offer a paying client is usually far better than their free designs. Whether it is a creative company or a freelance graphic designer you want to work with verifying their claims is a major step. See how they interpret concepts.

Don’t Ignore the Reviews

Check out review sites for a company’s customer satisfaction records. Even freelance websites allow clients to review freelancers they’ve worked with. So, take advantage of it.