Surprising Jobs You Can Get as A Graphic Designer

If you’ve graduated with graphic design qualifications, you may be curious about what jobs you can get. Or you may just be interested in learning graphic design to open up some career options.

In the past, there were only a small number of jobs open to you. Now a graphic designer can work in many different roles. Many are still in the creative industries, but you could also work for big corporate companies. Here are some of the surprising jobs a graphic designer can get.

UX designer

If you’ve got an interest in web design, a User Experience (UX) design job could be for you. These positions are in high demand now, especially in startups. In addition to using your design skills, you’ll also need to understand web technologies.

The purpose of the job is to make sure the “feel” part of a design is ideal for a company’s audience. Whatever product a company has, your goal is to make that experience perfect for the user. Much of your day to day tasks will be working with user research and analyzing workflow.

Email marketing designer

With so many emails being sent every day, companies want theirs to stand out. An email marketing designer creates and designs eye-catching email content for a company. Usually, they work in cooperation with writers and various types of marketing staff.

There may be some overlap with the role of a UX designer. There is a need for understanding both the user experience and user interface (UI). Depending on the job, you will also need to learn a technical language like CSS and HTML.

Book cover designer

No matter how many Kindles or eBook readers we buy, the printed page will never die out. In addition to this, even eBooks need attractive covers that will intrigue a reader and make them buy the book.

For a graphic designer, a book cover design business could be an overlooked niche. Using your skills, you could get a job in a large publishing house. Many people self-publish now that it’s easier than ever. So, you could also work as a freelance artist.

Fashion Designer

The great thing about fashion is you don’t have to commit yourself to one area of design. It’s another form of visual expression that could be a pretty good fit. You can try an internship in an accessory or clothing designer’s office to see if you like it.

An internship is a great entry point for many of these alternative graphic design jobs. Speak to people in the field as well and see what the job is really like. If you already have some of the skills, you can also test the waters by advertising your services as a freelance operator.

Once you have some experience, you can even set up your own consultancy or studio. There’s no limit to the types and range of jobs your graphic design skills opens you up to. Get out there and get to work today.