The Best Graphic Design Resources

Being a great designer isn’t just about having good design skills. You also need the right resources and tools to do your work. They can help you get projects done faster and more efficiently. The right resources can also make your work look more polished. The resources listed below range from photos and fonts, to places where your work can be showcased to anyone all over the world.

Fonts and typography

Fonts are the building block of a good designer’s text-based messages. Fontshop is a place where you can find designers, foundries and fonts all in one place. It has a special section for webfonts, and several free font options. In addition to modern, unique, designs, they also bring back some classic font favorites. Test out their fonts by using the Tryout feature and use their plugins for easy adaptation.

Brand guidelines

When designing for different brands, it’s helpful to have the guidelines all in one place. Use for major brands from Airbnb to Deezer. Large companies are covered, but other brands don’t get left out.

The site covers everything from tech brands such as Android and Blackberry to lesser known brands like Ohio State University and Yandex. If you find a missing brand guideline, there’s a facility to submit guidelines so the site is comprehensive.

Online portfolios

If you’re not already on Behance, you’re missing out on an amazing portfolio resource. Every graphic designer of note has a profile and showcases their work on the site. If your work stands out, you have a chance to be featured on the front-page feature: Best of Behance. Other creative genres are also a part of the site. If you’re looking to collaborate with a photographer or illustrator, you can see their work and communicate directly.

Stock photos

There are plenty of paid stock photo resources out there. However, Pictography is a completely free stock photo website. The images are beautifully shot and don’t look like boring stock photos at all. Every single one has a trendy and artistic feel that will enhance any project you use it for.

UI and UX

For UI and UX the site Codrops is a resource listing all its own. There’s tutorials, tips, and examples of good UI and UX design in action. They also have special offers and deals for design resources and services. You can save money and learn new things at the same time.

Phone photography

Today, good photography can happen anywhere and anytime. Cellphones are a popular choice for both amateurs and professionals on the go. Apple has produced a comprehensive how-to guide on making the most of an iPhone camera. If you don’t have an iPhone, the tips also transfer well to other types of phones.

For the best and most up to date resources, connect with other designers to find out what works for them. Put each tool in practice and see how it improves your work flow today.