The Future of Graphic Design

The future of graphic design is an interesting one especially in the face of current advancements in technology. We are already seeing the effect of technology in the graphic design industry. The Internet is replete with books and tutorials that teach graphic design, and software that aid the production of great designs. There is no scarcity of information and ideas to help designers hone their skills. Design collaboration websites, discussion boards, freelance, and crowdsourcing sites have already redefined the way clients find and hire graphic designers. They also give graphic designers opportunity to showcase their work, thereby increasing their prospect of getting jobs whether as a newcomer in the industry or a pro.

The Effect of 3D Printing and Virtual Reality

The future of graphic design is great. Graphic designers will only have to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in the grand future. Technology is already influencing almost all aspects of our lives including social interactions, education, business, recreation, gaming, medicine, etc. Advancements in technology have seen digital media and animations gradually replacing print media. There is also virtual reality and 3D printing reshaping the way we experience reality. As 3D printing takes over and becomes the norm, the requirement for quality designs will evolve too. Products may become more dynamic, customised to meet the customer’s size, shape, texture and colour preferences instead of the presently defined designs. Graphics artists will have the duty of ensuring we have more realistic designs. The margin for error will be less for 3D printing forcing designers to hone their speed and accuracy.

Relevance in the Business World

There has been a great shift in the way things are. Things are more plastic. The difference between software and hardware, virtual and real experience, recreation and work are wearing away. Communication, information, education, business, entertainment, medicine, and even the way we protest are all being affected by technology. With customer experience at the forefront of business development, graphic design will remain a fundamental part of business strategy. A huge part of customer experience is visual with more people favouring visually appealing products. The future where graphic designers are increasingly valued and well-paid is possible. Graphic artists may have to learn other business, communication, managerial, and even entrepreneurial skills to remain relevant. The advancement in technology will almost always keep the need for graphic designers. The looks of shoes, clothes, the home, phones, computers, cars, planes and other equipment will always improve. Graphic designers will share the responsibility of creating the realities we experience in the future. Bottom line, graphic designers should ensure they keep up with trends. A designer should learn to embrace innovations and be ready to adapt because the world will keep changing. Learn every skill you can, and think will be relevant.