The Top Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For

Graphic designers are often called to help when a brand wants to become more modern. This makes it vital that they keep up with the latest trends. Knowing where the design world is heading and what the next big thing is makes a designer more valuable. Keep reading to find out what the top graphic design trends are right now.

Bright, bold colors

If you’re a fan of the bold, you’re going to like this trend. Bright colors are all the rage in design right now. Combined with the use of 3D, this can make for a visual “pop” that can’t be beaten. One interesting variation on this is the rise of the color combos that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The generation that was raised on pastel pinks and electric colors may connect deeply with this and it could be used strategically to give a sense of nostalgia.

Bright, bold colors

3D Typography

As graphic designers look for more ways to stand out, 3D typography will become more and more popular. Among the major brands, Nike, in particular, has used this technique recently. Brands and companies are fighting for attention and space, so it follows that they want text that will jump off the page or screen. The main thing to incorporate into your designs will be a creative and eye-catching look. The rise of 3D also applies to animation.

Vintage Detailing

For a design tactic that is based on things that are old, vintage always seems to find plenty of ways to become new again. The best examples of use are brands in the food and beverage industry. If a brand wants to imply longevity and high-class aesthetic, vintage detail is an easy way to instantly do so. Take the company Ginventory. Their product – an app that guides gin and tonic fans – is as modern as you can get. However, their design gives a sense of the past and therefore seems more authoritative.

Color Transitions or Gradients

Flat design has ruled for a while now. However, Instagram, one of the largest visual brands, changed its logo back to a colorful gradient. The age of gradient design is here to stay. Spotify’s redesign is the most-cited example used when discussing the return of this design technique. The great thing about using a gradient design is that it’s fully customizable. If you’re making something for a client, you can truly make that design unique by combining colors.

New logos

Logos today must be one thing above all else: responsive. It’s no longer enough to have one version of a logo. This can be directly linked to the increasing number of users who use the web on their mobile phones and other devices like tablets. When designing a logo this is something to think about, as all these devices come with differing screen sizes. A simplified logo design can go a long way in making the design responsive. Think about the last logo you did and how you can scale it down to its simplest elements.

Creating logo