Where to Study Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the world’s fastest growing aspects, and it simply means the visual study of communication and being creative. The main component required by graphic designers is computer software, which enable them to perform their tasks faster and more accurate although they may choose to do it by hand if they want. In graphic design, a producer, a client, creating concept, identity of ideal visual character and of course a graphic designer are always involved. Graphic design is everywhere! Talk of books cover pages, in magazines, packaging of products, billboards, and websites and even in commercials, and this has been one of the ways to communicate messages to the audience in a visual manner. It may involve product selling, informing the public, even promotion of an image or images. This article will focus mainly on where to study graphic design in the United States and their parts of the world.

It is very important to know that students or people that wish to study graphic design must possess some certain qualities, and some of those qualities are:

  • Creativity: a graphic designer must be very creative and very original. This is because the major aim of your graphic design is to send a message to the audience in such a unique and different way in which none has ever done before.
  • Effective Communication: this s also an important quality of an intending graphic designer. The more convincing your designs are the more effective it will be on the targeted audience.
  • Awareness of Art History and Theory of Designing: a good creative designer should be able to answer questions like “what has been in existence before you in the world of art? Have the ideas being communicated by others before? If yes, how effectively was it communicated, and what principle of design was employed/used?
  • Be a good listener: if you are not the type that listens to people, then you are not fit to study or be a graphic designer. Being a graphic designer does not only involve you as the designer, it also involves your dealings with your clients, people that employed you, and so on. This is because they also have their own expectation from you. You have to be able to listen and understand their own concept in what they are really looking for in your design and be able to meet their objectives.

Now that you are well aware of the qualities required, here are some places (best of the bests) to go ahead and study to be a professional graphic designer.

  • IED (Istituto Europeo di Design): this is one of the biggest network of fashion, visual communication and management, including design internationally. The locations are in Milan, Turin, Rome, Sau Paulo, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.
  • Teesside University: they offer a bachelor’s degree in design, located in Middleborough in the United States. They offer students the opportunity of becoming a highly skilled graphic designer.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: right there in the city of Rochester is this institute that offers a fine art program that will enable the students to gain broad knowledge in varieties of design area.
  • Raffles Design Institute, Hong Kong: they offer a solid graphic design program that encourages students to identify and develop their own individual personal creativity skills.